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The Hills just reached the 11th anniversary of its MTV premiere, and Twitter is celebrating with some wonderful tweets. Below, check out the top 11 posts related to the show that followed California girls Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Lo Bosworth as they navigated life in their 20s.

1. Parisian musings: As poignant today as a decade ago.

11 years later, and people are still making the wrong decision about Paris… #parisagreement #thehills

— Kimberly Eaton (@tweetdeguerre) May 31, 2017

2. We hear you, and we feel you. via GIPHY

When people buy crystals I can only think of Spencer Pratt circa 07 — Ken (@KelleyNestuk) May 31, 2017

3. One of the show’s most memorable moments.

Cannot believe The Hills turns 11 today. It was show that defined my LIFE. @LaurenConrad

— RG (@msuselessinfo) June 1, 2017

4. Sage advice from LC.

It has been 11 years since The Hills premiered 🙉 @LaurenConrad thanks for blessing my generation with your worldly advice ily times a mili💖💕 — liz bitzer (@mymainbitz) May 31, 2017

5. Same!

happy 11th anniversary to the best tv show of all time… THE HILLS #iconic

— Emma Jolliffe (@emmajolliffe1) May 31, 2017

6. In the Lauren-Heidi chronicles, this was defining.

Happy anniversary to my original guilty pleasure, The Hills. This scene remains iconic — Courtney Barajas (@CCB_in_ATX) May 31, 2017

7. The saga of Audrina and Justin Bobby was a Hills highlight.



Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don’t want that to call that your boyfriend #TheHills

— Lara MacFarlane (@LaraLeaMac) June 1, 2017

8. No judgement here!

I think I watched the hills so much that my subconscious picked a generic version of Brody Jenner to date 😂

— Mattie (@mattiefutrell) June 1, 2017

9. Things were different back then — before lip kits.


honestly remember when brody jenner was the only relevant jenner? s/o to the hills

— 🕸 (@ZALEEL_) May 31, 2017

10. What is this ancient tech of which you speak?


remember when MTV would list at the bottom of the screen the songs that played on The Hills? i had a list w/ every one on my Blackberry RIP

— hayley holmes (@suppholmes) May 29, 2017

11. We’ll never let go!


I have never been as emotionally attached to a reality TV Show as The Hills #11YrsL8tr

— Nicole Berry (@Coley_Berry) May 31, 2017

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