Polish Foreign Ministry criticized the removal of its flag from the memorial in Katyn

The Polish consul, who visited the memorials and made sure that there were no flags, will turn to the Russian authorities and demand an explanation. The flags of the country were removed from the Katyn and Mednoye memorials on June 24, Poland refused to put up with this decision

Katyn» and “Copper” near Smolensk and Tver, said Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic Marcin Przydacz on the air of Polish Radio.

“The reaction has already begun. The Polish consul went to the cemetery in Katyn and confirmed the removal of the flag from the memorial,— he said.

According to the diplomat, the consul turned to the Russian authorities and demanded “to explain these actions.” He will also convey to the competent authorities that Poland “does not accept” such a move, added Przydach.

About the fact that from the memorial “Katyn” in the Smolensk region, the flag of Poland was removed, on June 24, local authorities told RBC. Approximately 4 thousand captured Polish officers who were shot by the NKVD in 1940 are buried in this place. There are also burial places of several thousand victims of Stalin's repressions.

On the same day, the Telegram channel “KultRa” reported that the flag of Poland was also removed from the memorial complex “Copper” in the Tver region, where the same burials are located.

Both memorials are on the balance sheet of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. Its director, Irina Velikanova, explained to RBC that the decision to remove the flags was made because of the policy of the Polish authorities towards Russia. “Two Flags” Russian and Polish— were a symbol of friendship between our countries. What is happening today has nothing to do with friendship. Poland has adopted an openly hostile policy towards the Russian Federation, — she said.

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Velikanova cited the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators as an example and drew attention to the fact that Poland is supplying weapons to Ukraine, where Russia has been conducting a special operation since the end of February. The flags were also removed because Warsaw allows “boorish antics”; in relation to Russian diplomats and “impermissible” speaks of Russian culture, the director of the museum noted.

“In the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Poland of 1994, the issue of placing the national flag of Poland on the Katyn memorial complexes and “Copper” not stipulated in any way, & mdash; she said, adding that there were no legal grounds for flags either.

Poland expelled 53 Russian diplomats between 2000 and 2022, with 45 of them declared persona non grata this year. As of June 22, the country has supplied Ukraine with 240 T-72 tanks, 100 60mm LMP-2017 light infantry mortars, 18 ASH Krab self-propelled howitzers, as well as Javelin anti-tank missile systems, FlyEye drones and Warmate kamikaze drones.

In addition, in early April, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland Piotr Glinsky expressed the opinion that Russian culture should now disappear from public space. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that the country appreciates Russia's achievements in music and literature. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, noted that the West is discriminating against everything related to Russia.

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