NYT learned about the work of the “network of commandos and spies” of the United States in Ukraine

According to the newspaper, CIA officers are secretly working in Ukraine, collecting intelligence, which the US authorities then pass on to Kyiv. Washington's allied commandos are also operating in the country, according to its sources

Ukraine is helped by a “network of commandos (special forces” RBC) and spies” The United States and other NATO countries, they operate both in Ukraine and abroad, writes The New York Times, citing American and European officials.

According to her, in the country, mainly in Kyiv, secretly operate CIA officers who collect intelligence. Washington then shares them with the Ukrainian authorities.

Also in Ukraine are special forces from other NATO countries, including the UK, France, Canada and Lithuania, writes NYT. “The United States withdrew its 150 military instructors prior to the outbreak of war in February, but these allied commandos either remained or have since moved in and out of the country, training and advising Ukrainian troops, providing a land channel for arms supplies and other assistance.” ..>»,— notes the publication with reference to three US officials.

The commandos are not on the front line, but advise the Ukrainian military remotely from headquarters, including passing intelligence, writes the NYT.

However, most of the work is carried out outside Ukraine, including at military bases in Germany, France and Great Britain.

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the 10th Special Operations Group of the US Army created a coalition to coordinate assistance to the Ukrainian military. Now it includes 20 countries, the coalition operates in Germany.

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The NYT wrote about the actions of the CIA station in Ukraine in February, before the start of the operation. The newspaper, in particular, reported that the US authorities temporarily transferred intelligence officers from Kyiv to Lviv due to the “build-up of Russian military power near Ukraine.”

In early May, the publication reported that the United States had transferred intelligence to Ukraine, which were used to strike at the Russian military.

President Joe Biden then demanded to stop leaking information about the exchange of data between the intelligence services of the United States and Ukraine.

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