Canadians advised not to travel to Ukraine because of “Russian aggression”

Canada advised citizens not to travel unnecessarily to Ukraine due to “Russian aggression” The authorities issued a warning due to “aggression” of Russia, as well as the presence of its troops near the border. Citizens advised to refrain from non-essential travel

The Government of Canada has revised its risk assessment of Ukraine and advised citizens not to travel to the country unless absolutely necessary, according to the government website.

“Avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine due to ongoing Russian aggression and troop presence in and out of the country,” — reported in the “Risk level” section.

Regarding Crimea, as well as the unrecognized DPR and LPR, there is a recommendation to refuse all travel.

In another section, on security, it says that since November 2021, there has been an increased threat posed by Russia associated with the deployment of troops near the Ukrainian border. “Safety conditions are unpredictable and can suddenly deteriorate,” — government website says.

“Russia's military actions in Ukraine could disrupt transport and services throughout the country,” also approved in the release.— This can seriously affect the ability of the embassy to provide consular services.

In December, the foreign ministers of the countries— members of the G7, which includes Canada, issued a statement condemning Russia's military buildup along the border with Ukraine, as well as Russian “aggressive rhetoric” regarding Kiev. They urged Moscow to reduce tensions in the region through diplomacy.

“Russia should not doubt that further military aggression against Ukraine will have large-scale consequences and will cost [for Russia] a lot,”— states stressed.

Russia has repeatedly stated that the movement of troops across its territory is an internal affair of the country. At the same time, the Kremlin assured that the increase in capacity does not pose a threat to any state and is not directed against any of the countries.

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