Christmas tree, fir or pine: what’s the difference and how to choose a Christmas tree?

Christmas tree & mdash; the main symbol of the New Year, therefore, its choice must be approached carefully, having studied the entire range and prices. In recent years, in addition to traditional firs, pines and firs have become equally popular among Russians. What is the difference between them and how to choose the right New Year tree, in the material of

New Year's tree

Spruce & mdash; a classic New Year tree with a persistent coniferous aroma. Thanks to the densely growing branches, the tree looks fluffy, despite the small needles. The trunk is covered with brown bark. The needles are short and prickly. The most popular varieties of spruce among buyers:

Norway spruce (Russian tree) & mdash; unpretentious cone-shaped tree with short pointed needles from one to three centimeters long. In nature, the height of spruce trees can reach 40 meters or more; young trees, as a rule, up to three meters high are used for sale.

Blue spruce & mdash; the color of the needles is from a pronounced blue to bluish-green. The older the tree, the darker it will be. Traditional crown shape & mdash; triangular.

Disadvantages : all types of spruce crumble rather quickly.

Price : Russian spruce about 2 meters high will cost 1.5-2 thousand rubles on average, imported & mdash; 5-10 thousand rubles, writes RBC with reference to retailers' forecasts.

New Year's pine

Pine & mdash; this coniferous tree has wide branches, long (from 4-5 cm) and tough needles, but not as thorny as those of a Christmas tree. Color & mdash; bluish green. Young pines have a smoother bark, grooved and cracked with age.

Black pine & mdash; one of the most popular types of wood. In young pines, the crown is pyramidal; in adult plants, it looks like an umbrella with branches opened in different directions. The trunk is covered with black bark. The needles are long (about 14 cm), dark green, densely cover the branches.

Disadvantages : pine gives off a large amount of resin, and due to the distance between the tiers of branches the tree does not look very lush.

Price : up to 1000 rubles per meter, according to

New Year's fir

In recent years, the Nordmann fir has won the sympathy of buyers. Thanks to its dense branches and needles, fir looks impressive. Retains its appearance for a long time. Fir is distinguished by short (up to 5 cm), flat and soft needles and a characteristic arrangement of branches & mdash; they seem to stretch upward. Color & mdash; dark green or silver.

Disadvantages : its price and not as pronounced coniferous aroma as pine and spruce.

Price : up to 5.5 thousand rubles for a two-meter tree, writes RBC.

Where can I buy a Christmas tree?

You can buy a New Year tree :

  • in the forestry (having received permission there to cut down a Christmas tree);
  • in the coniferous plant nursery;
  • in stores;
  • at the Christmas tree bazaars.

So, in the Moscow region, the main trade at the Christmas tree markets will begin on December 20. In total, it is planned to operate Christmas tree bazaars in 49 municipalities of the region until January 10, 2022.

“ We are very proud that this year about 70% of the trees will be Russian-made at prices ranging from 500 rubles to 10 thousand rubles of different categories and growth. I hope that every resident of the Moscow region will find his own tree '', & mdash; noted Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region Sergei Voskresensky .

When is it better to buy a New Year tree?

Spruce retains its fresh appearance for one or two weeks, after that it dries and crumbles heavily. Therefore, you need to buy it at the very last moment, after December 28, according to Roskachestvo. & Nbsp;

Pine is quite tough, it can stand in a room for up to a month, provided that the house is not very hot and dry. By the end of this period, its needles become brittle and turn yellow. If you want the pine to stand until the old New Year, buy it in the second half of December, or better & mdash; a week before the New Year.

Fir & mdash; the most persistent. She does not lose her appearance for a month or longer. You can buy it in the first half of December, but the closer you get it to the New Year holidays, the longer it will stand. Therefore, Roskachestvo recommends taking fir in mid-December.

How to choose a living tree correctly?

  • Rospotrebnadzor advises choosing a tree with a thick & nbsp; smooth and undamaged trunk. A tree with a thin trunk will not last long.
  • The branches of the tree should be flexible.
  • The needles should be rich in color, elastic and firmly attached to the branches. If the branches are dry and break with minimal tree movement & mdash; you shouldn't take the tree. & nbsp;
  • Rub a few needles in your palms & mdash; the characteristic smell of needles should be felt. Dry, yellowed, crumbling needles and lack of aroma & mdash; signs of a tree that has been felled long ago.

How to bring the tree home correctly?

Ask the seller to pack the tree in a plastic net & mdash; sleeve. At home, be sure to let the tree gradually adapt to the heat by placing it in a cool place for 2-3 hours, for example, on a balcony, it is recommended in Rospotrebnadzor.

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