Versus The Tractor – Tattered Banner lyrics

Verse 1
When nice old ladies vote for facists
And our friends become right wing
It started off with Europe
Now they hate on everything
I don’t mean to point a finger
And I hope we can be friends
But you’re sharing propaganda
Makes my hair stand up on end

Pre chorus
It’s a mystery to me,
You forgot history
Your politics reverted
Back to 1933

And I can’t hide my dismay
To see things keep heading this way
Please take your head out of the sand
You’re a misguided nationalist
No good could ever come of this
Please let me take you by the hand
‘Cos I thought we were going forward
But we just keep going back

Verse 2
So how did you become a facist?
Must have read the Daily Mail
Maybe The Sun or the Express
And now society will fail
I heard you’re an anti-vaxer
Now you think the world is flat
Now society’s heading backwards/Now the world is going backwards
Because you just can’t check your facts

Verse 3
And you’ve forgiven all the bankers
When they ran out with the cash
And you’ll blame the disadvantaged
Next time there’s a collapse
Maybe you’ll think it’s foreign workers
Helping run our health service
And you’ll be crying deport them
When they finish their night shifts.

Verse 4
So I’ll take my tattered banner
Go out marching in the rain
But it’s hard to make a difference
When the world has gone insane.

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