No Buses – Plea lyrics

Say I’m sorry on a Sunday
Coming home on a Tuesday
Tryna tell you what I’m feeling
That I’m not okay

Feeling low on a Friday
Fucked it up on a Saturday
Call you out when you’re leaving
Why can’t you stay?

Sober, trying hard to be sober
Don’t want this to be over

You held off on my sorry
3 am, I’ve had too much to drink
Led me on for a while now
But I still stay

Kinda sick of waiting
Tried my best, you put it to waste
From months to 2 years now
Got nothing more to say

Sober, trying hard to be sober
Just let this be over
(Thoughts been going in my mind, having doubts almost every night)

Done selling my sorry
Build me up, then leave me hanging
Leave another round for me now
Hoping that someday

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