Rico Nasty – iCarly lyrics

[Sample: iCarly Theme]
In 5, 4, 3-
I know you see somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful

Rico, Rico, Rico
Rico, Rico, Rico, Rico, Rico
Set ’em up like a dummy
Set ’em up like a dummy
Set ’em up like a dummy

[Verse 1]
Set him up like a dummy
Wrap up the coke like a mummy
Rub it on her gums she said its so lovely
Molly music, molly woppin a Barbie
Said she had the drugs and her name was Carly
I said I’m the plug and my name is Marley
Formed a partnership and fucked up the party
Couple weeks and we had us a posse
Mobbing, robbing and fucking up the commas
Scam, trap, plus we sold marijuana
She was my hitta, I was her robber
When the plug fronted us we was goners
None of my bitches is boring, k ?
All of my bitches is scoring, aye
All of my bitches is foreign, aye
All of my bitches ride foreign, yay
Now we are runnin this shit like a rally
Flow hot like I’m livin in Cali
Two different hoes got em callin me daddy
I’m juggin on the road just like a taxi
Shooters like animals this ain’t Jumaji
Ain’t talkin if it ain’t bout the money
You broke as a joke boy that shit is not funny
Wrist shining man you thought it was sunny
Kick yo ass out just like I was a punter
My niggas keep weapons like they some damn hunters
Say that money talk but yours only mumble
I flip the mattress like its pissy or something
Map it out like I’m Jigga or something
Niggas be geeked like I fucked em or something
Stay in the streets gotta get that free money
These bitches on me like I’m giving em money
In the trap with my white bitch
Cause she gone get me rich, that bitch so gnarly
They ask if I’m sober and I’m like hardly
Bitch! I am not a Barbie
I am a Bratz bitch
I got them big lips, yeah
Watch it drip drip, yeah
I’m so lit bitch, yeah
Tell a hoe get a grip quick
Niggas fake but I’m doing big shit

With my bitch iCarly
With my bitch iCarly
With my bitch iCarly
Swear that she so gnarly
With my bitch iCarly, iCarly, iCarly
With my bitch iCarly
Swear that she so gnarly

[Verse 2]
First time we hit a lick
Knew that she was the shit
She told me point and aim
I told her duck and dip
She told me run it up
I told her never slip
I told her if they hate it’s cause they see it
You can be the best you gotta believe it
Now we got bitches who aim if they see it
Enemies envy us because we eating
Now we get money it’s sunny all season
If they get too close just give me a reason
She don’t talk too much, talk shit and she squeezing
I love my bitch
She only wanna be rich
She only wanna see digits
Killing the opposition ain’t no competition
XXL bitch it’s new edition
We just gotta get it
We just gotta flex on bitches who said that we couldn’t win it
They missing it, I’m on some other shit
At the top man I’m loving it
He say that he love me I’ll never put trust in him
Because I got iCarly
We ballin hard just like Barkley
Baby boy I am so sorry
Bouji bitch she is so carefree
My bestfriend iCarly

ICarly, iCarly
With my bitch iCarly
With my bitch iCarly
Swear that she so gnarly
Gnarly, yuh

With my bitch iCarly, iCarly, iCarly
She’ll never snitch, iCarly
ICarly, iCarly, yuh
That’s my bitch iCarly
That’s my bitch, she’ll never snitch
Yeah, that’s my bitch iCarly
Swear that bitch so gnarly
That’s my bitch iCarly
She’s so rad, iCarly, yuh
Catch me wit her, iCarly, yuh

Stupid ass bitch
Who the fuck you think you fucking talking to?
My bitches will fucking kill you my nigga
Stupid ass bitch
Fuck y’all talking bout out here?

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