ICF Worship – Only Jesus (How Great) lyrics

I’m the doubter in Your presence
I’m the blind one by the road
I’m the proud who’s lost and wandering
But You came for all of the above
By Your word my eyes are opened
You let me see the scars You wear
You meet my failure with Your mercy
And when I’m lost
You come and find me there
How great is Your love
How great is Your love
That You would give Your life
To call me Yours
How deep is Your heart
What measure could grasp
The wonder of the King
Our Saviour
I’m Your child, I am forgiven
Called to be a blazing light
I’ll follow even when it costs me
Cause Your love already won the fight

Jesus, only You, Jesus, only You
I will lift Your name above all other
Jesus, only You, Jesus, only You
Let this praise resound in me forever
— 3x


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