Dennis Graham – Kinda Crazy

[Intro: Tanya Lee] Hey, hey, woah, yeah baby haha

[Verse 1: Dennis Graham + Tanya Lee] It’s kinda crazy but I feel you underneath my skin
Oh, the first glance, I think, is where my obsession began
Oh, you looked into my eyes and burned into my soul
It kinda shook me, I was changed but something turns cold
It’s unrequited, so you don’t know how I feel
Is it lust, is it love, it’s just somethin’ real
Oh, I sit back baby, I watch and I wait
Welcoming whatever is my fate
It’s kinda crazy, oh, it’s crazy baby
Oh baby, the way you got it
Got me feelin’ like you could be the one
Yeah, yeah, I know perfection doesn’t exist in another
But you’re perfect to me like no other
Don’t be shy, light my fire
Bring it over here and show me how you want it

[Together] It’s kinda crazy, yeah
It’s kinda crazy baby, so crazy
Sing it to me honey
It’s kinda crazy, oh, it’s crazy baby
It’s kinda crazy, oh, it’s crazy baby

[Verse 2: Tanya Lee, Dennis Graham] And you know I never felt it like this before
Hit me straight in the heart with your love pistol
I know if we get started, you gon’ want some more
Yeah, yeah, I don’t wanna go to sleep
Cause reality is finally better than my dreams
So crazy, talk to me baby
I had to tell you how I feel, all this love is more than real
You know that time heals all and looks can kill
These words will last forever, oh, can you handle the thrill?
Relax your mind and let your conscious free
Show me what you got in store for me

[Together] Oh, it’s crazy baby, it’s crazy
It’s so crazy baby
It’s kinda crazy,yeah, oh, it’s crazy baby
It’s kinda crazy, oh, it’s crazy baby
It’s kinda crazy, oh, it’s crazy baby

[Outro: Tanya Lee] Kinda crazy for you
Kinda crazy for me
I think we got a love kind of thing

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