ASAP Twelvyy – Castle Hell (12 Album)

Yo, yeah
Shit is real

[Verse 1]
S’nothin’ greater
Than countin’ paper in front of haters that hated
They tried to cut off my cable
Couldn’t even watch the wire
Ain’t even see the Lakers
But a nigga see a kid meet his maker
Shit is like Jamaica with them shottas
If you playin’ with that paper
They’ll make you see the fire or
They’ll take you to the lake
Put your face up on the flyer ’cause I know that you ain’t make it
This is Castle Hell
City by the sea, the Devil’s favorite
I was raised up, up in building 8
Dealt it raw, Seal your fate
Million more, (?) with my nigga Bill
You know that nigga ill

My YGs be on that gun until they die shit

[Verse 2]
The flight longer than the stay
My nights longer than my day
Shit, these Nikes on me got a ray
I’m a star myself

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