Lil Baby – Pink Slip (feat. Young Thug) (Harder Than Hard Gangster Grillz Mixtape)

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I got money on my mind, I do whatever for it
Human trafficking, they go from border to border
I’m on a vacation, dive in the clearest water, ayy
I stuffed two hundred ounces in a Pamper
Oh that’s your señorita? She goin’ too
Read my glasses, that’s a hundred racks and
Read my glasses, that’s a hundred racks and
Sean Jean jeans, hundred racks inside these
Money old, got it colored like Monopoly
She can’t control me, baby got no lock on me
Driveway got the foreigns in it
I whipped up a ‘Rari, caught lil shawty off a backboard
Peep out the window with that K like Michael Maxwells
I bless lil’ shawty with all kinda bags, and you ain’t gotta ask for it
I drop some racks for it, ayy

[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
Sippin’ on codeine, I got a problem
I be with them gangsters and them robbers
Have a nigga lookin’ for who shot ya
Probably in Jamaica with the Rastas
I’m gon’ get ’em in for the cheap
And them bitches go for twenty-three
I know that these niggas envy me
And won’t stop until I reach the T-O-P, I’m at the top
I’m acting crazy again, I had your lady again
Know she told you we was friends, but she ate the dick in the Benz
She know I’m a real one, she smell it
She do whatever I tell her
She let me hit it whenever as long as I keep on necklace
I ate that pussy for breakfast, yeah yeah
Diamonds on my neck, I got ’em frozen
Water on my wrist came from the ocean
Every nigga with me get them loads in
Only with the bros who put them fours in
Pink slip

[Verse 3: Lil Baby]
This the type of shit I used to ask for
Remember down bad, I had to ask for it
Damn I’m out of lean, I poured my last four
Now my car say two hundred on dashboard
I get that money for real, I get that paper for real, yeah yeah
I get that money for real, I get that paper for real, yeah yeah
All my diamonds on me, yeah they shining
When I made parole that’s perfect timing
Range Rover look pregnant with the body
Presidential tint so I can’t see nobody
Your bitch on my hitlist ’cause she’s a hottie
I know once I get in it I’m gon’ ride it
I get that money forever, we get that money together, dig that
Bitches be walkin’ up on me, niggas be actin’ like groupies, get back
Gettin’ to the money since like this high
Now I’m lil big homie all on this side

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