Kash Doll – Chiraq Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Man these hoes be really trying
Pull up, I’m at the Coney Island
Better watch that Lil’ Chiraq
Cause these chopper bullets overreact
See I was busy then I got time now though
If I take shots to you, the points hollow
Sucking my dick you forgot to swallow
Mad because your pussy ain’t worth a bottle
Got stacks on deck so you know they gone hate
Bitch you keep talking I’ma ice your cup cake
Keep playing with me u be found in some lake
And my lil’ nigga won’t forget to duct tape
Use my name to get on you dumbo
Not in my house lil’ bitch mu-tumbo
Eat that ass up you bitches is gumbo
I’m venty bitch my hustle is jumbo
See I slay bitches, I awake bitches
You hoes fans I don’t take pictures
I break niggas you talk shit
Bitch u mad cause I’m getting it!
Hoe u mad cause I won’t stop
I come on your block just to milly rock
Bitch you mad because your baby daddy been digging me like a grave huh?
Oh you mad cause its short time and I’m on top, and it’s all pro
Nah you mad cause you don’t know shit out side of target and rainbows

Bitch, haha
Broke ass bitch
Ham ass bitch
Slut ass bitch
Wack ass bitch
You ain’t bout shit, fuck out of here
Weak ass bitch, I forgot that
Haha, yeah

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