2Pac – Immortal (feat. Big Syke) (Remixes Vol. 1 Album)

Outlaw Immortalz, biatch
Syke, Big muthafuckin’ Syke
A.k.a. Mussolini
(Outlaw Immortalz)
Yaki Kadafi up in this biatch
Fatal, Komani (Outlaw Immortalz)
And 2Pac Makaveli
Outlaw Immortalz
You know how we do this shit nigga

[Verse 1: Makaveli]
Give me my money in stacks, and lace my bitches with dime figures
Real niggas fingers on nickel plated 9 triggers
Must see my enemies defeated, I catch ’em while they coked up and weeded
Open fire, now them niggas bleedin’
Give me my lyrics full of fury, and make every line shine like jewelry
Indicting niggas like the grand jury
Make ’em regret the day they met me, the playa hatin’ niggas resent me
‘Cause all they tricks is in a rush to sex me
But I’ve been heavy in this game since ’71
The world ain’t ready 4 my mom duke celebrity son
But now they ass out, my shits so lethal making jealous niggas pass out
To all my people who love the music on my last album
I must assure you this is better get ya cash out
Outlaw Immortal play the bitch and get your ass tossed
Run up in motherfuckas spots like I’m task force
Niggas is hoppin, but they ain’t, jumpin’ ’cause they petrified
You can hold my clip, set it up and best believe it will get you high
(yeah nigga)
To all the playas on tha westside
We still be ballin’ on these bitches when the rest die
Trying to maintain while these pussy niggas jockin’ me
Attempt to copy me, they operatin’ sloppily, there ain’t no stoppin’ me
I’m lost in the zone, suspicious ’cause the war’s on
I gotta strategy, non cypher emphatically, my politics is bomb first
Go on cursed, tradin’ war stories, seein’ who went wrong first
Run with the brothers that love me, the ones that pull for me
Life has so many rewards nigga
Outlaw Immortalz!

[Verse 2: Fatal-n-Felony]

Your whole town be shaky
Don’t you know the coke got flaky
Heard about me lately
Ain’t no jails can straight me

Eh yo my nines up
Got my startin’ line up
Nigga just get your rhymes up
It’s murderin’ time up

Little cap kick back and relax
And ask who wanna fuck her?
Grab my pilla
Come down soon as a muthafucka busha

What the fuck, what you nervous?
The first time you heard us
Thinkin’ of murderous verbs, that try to serve us
To all y’all niggas from the block
That Fatal and Fel is on some West coast shit with ‘Pac
But you got that shit twisted, like I’m a twist your body
Half sippin’ notty, then cock my shotty
These pellets hit, spittin’ like cobra venom
Murderous game, I contain, I can off cold and fill him

Fatal and Felony will shine
Like diamonds and nickel nines
Corrupted cripplin’ spines
When I creep up from behind
You silly barrel or get trampled nigga what
While these young thugs be leavin’ shambles, in muthafuckas guts

Niggas know the cut he must of been peelin’, crazy or just dest
To get on or hit up, In his muthafuckin’ chest
When I come around creepin’, through your itty bitty checks
In his eyes, and peep out the suspect
Outlaw Immortal

[Verse 3: E.D.I.]
Check it, uh listen, come on
Outlaw Immortal, when this tussle, is on my [?] muscle
Off in this hustle, bustle, niggas be actin’ tryin’ to dust you
But fuck you, I ain’t feelin’ to be, laid, sprayed, and dead for days
Body partly decayed, a fuckin’ dumpster as my grave
Can’t find my body, so my casket had to be left empty
Don’t even tempt me, had these niggas halved off in a fuckin’ hefty
Still I done change, since I first to came
A lil’ ridah, [?] you never knew, you never knew about this fuckin’ game
But now my folks say I’m corrupted
So fuck it, I rather get lost ,in this fuck shit, and [?] for my fuckin’ dodgin’
Youngin’ and thuggin’ and that don’t change even as I get older
I just get a little bit colder, stay a soldier while these niggas fold ’em
Throw up on stage never, still ready for whatever
Enjoyin’ these sins of pleasure, Outlaw for fuckin’ ever

[Verse 4: Big Syke]
It’s confirmed from the [?] concrete
No scapegoat, thug savage when my sweepers sweep
So rugged relentless, street royal relic
Crackin’ hammers on domes, on bustas and rejects
Victors and violence, violations so vigorous
I know you real thugs feel this
An Ingle-Watts ledger, they ain’t a legacy lost
You screamin’ nation in my hood, got a Glock in my draws
This differ me from incarceration, in-fested with impurities
And at it with times, with police and activities
Cowards constantly cross a killers course
Corrupt to the core, confounded, no remorse
My territories in turmoil, my source full of terrorism
The terrain is insane, so for all my criticism
Engaged in the illest episode of evolution
Locked in a criminal institution
I’m a Outlaw Immortal

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