Blac Youngsta – Im Innocent (Im Innocent Album)

You know, I like gangsta shit, nigga
Rest in peace [?], nigga

[Verse 1]
Feds tryna take my rights
I’m going to jail fighting for my life
If they sentence me, all I need is a knife
I got niggas in the penitentiary that’ll never see daylight
They tryna give a nigga jail cell, I’ma give them bitches straight fight
Got a phone call one morning, my homeboy say he on the run
He like, "Bro, what the fuck?"
I’m like, "Bro, where that come from?"
Then my other nigga hit the phone, he like, "Bruh, I got a warrant too!"
So I went and looked my name up, I’m like, "Damn, I got a warrant too?"
So I went and called my lawyer, I’m like, "What the fuck going on? My lil’ nigga hit me, said he got a warrant, and the feds raided my home!"
I don’t care what they say ’bout me, my lil’ niggas ain’t gon’ play ’bout me
I know for a fact three niggas in P.R.E. toting H.I.V
[?] in security, that boy got that whole kit
And that bitch that you with, that lil’ bitch my old bitch
You be honest to that bitch, I be lying to that bitch
You be telling her who you beefing with, and crying to that bitch

I’m innocent
Let the beat breath!
Lil’ more, let the beat breath a lil’ more

[Verse 2]
For now on, I don’t fuck with nam nigga that fuck with a nigga I don’t fuck with
I ain’t gon’ ride or die nam rap nigga if I wasn’t stuck with
Word around town, I’ll bust quick
Suck on my dick, I’ll nut quick
I’ll pull down and take your favorite rapper chain
Boy, you better tuck quick!
If you don’t show up at court on me, I’ll come and do a feature with your artist
I’ll come and shake everybody hand
I’ll accept everybody apology
My Lamborghini need a [?]
If you a real nigga, I’ll sign ya
If you a fuck boy, I’ll down ya
I gotta thank God Gotti found me

Be quiet
Let the beat ride
Moment of silence for the king, Yo Gotti
I’m innocent!

[Verse 3]
Nowadays, niggas loud talking and they beefing on songs
If something happen, they’ll know where it come from
That’s that shit we call dry snitching
I was doing a show, nigga reached for my chain, then I upped that fire, nigga
Then my fans started running, [?]
[?], nigga
I ain’t wanna make a mistake and shoot a fan
I ain’t none like you fuck niggas, I don’t do it for the grand
Every time I make a million dollars, 400 thousand going to Uncle Sam

I’m innocent, pussy!
I’m innocent, rat!
I’m innocent, entertainer!
I’m innocent, yeah!

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