Focus The Truth – Basquiat (feat. Oswin Benjamin) (Q85 Album)

She asked for love
The lack thereof
Got her actin up
Back to clubs
Having fun
Hope you strapping up
I used to think about her but if she call I probably pass her up
Chuck a deuce, sip some juice, whoopty woo what it do
Still that dude from the era of more likes than love
Over drink liquor than start fights in clubs
Crazy sh#t but in real life its love
I ride for my brothers, if all else fails I might die for my brothers
Don’t lie to my mother
Living in the moment feeling like a martyr
Feeling like I’m chosen this is where you cue the roses
Blurting out thoughts still trying to find closure
People think I’m great but I lack the exposure
Please keep your composure
I’m low but I’m quite hot
Polos and white socks
Breakfast from IHOP
Red eye high but please I’m no Cyclops
Real recognize real this where the lies stop
Why not
Raw rapping don’t need a stylist
Peacemaker but if provoked then prone to violence
King focus don’t want the throne give me the palace
Diamond engraved chalice
Its all about balance
Perspective connected
With n#ggas who love malice
Reckless my bro sip lean like we in Dallas
Breathless, I run through rappers with no challenge
Im Basquiat with the art of war
Feel the pain through my monologue
Still trying to get it all
Still trying to find it all

Second Verse – Oswin Benjamin

The veteran you ain’t better than, who harder than him
Who you know go harder than him in harder denim
It’s hard to mention another heart with a mission to split the division
To touch the heart of the hardest sinner
Art like a renaissance
Create a movement when the pen is drawn
This black ranger talk I’m a mastodon
Exposing all of me on every track masta don
This for y’all who said the passions gone
Carrying the culture on the same back that got lashes on em
Cotton pickers and crack endorsers
An outlaw fighting southpaw
Ain’t no punches when I record
You jacka##es I ain’t hee hawing with you
God is with him
Scriptures pierce ears like a lobe incision
Dodging them Delilahs with the hoe like symptoms
Breaking walls lacking wisdom cracking codes im the black Di Vinci
Arm leg leg arm head see this is God body
Stained glass on the temple just know that God got him
The sun tzu is the sun and moon who the son of truth
Know you can’t throw shade on the sun if its sonning you
Basquiat in 83 and undiscovered genius
Standing firm like Nas in 97 for what I believe in
You feel me

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