Adam Melchor – More Than Anything lyrics

My phone is down to one bar
From building up the energy
To yell at me
Through my pocket seams
Down the boulevard
It’s an old friend whose voice it mumbles
Through the fumbles of
Bad reception’s hands
That’s when I realized
When he couldn’t stop or start his sentences
It wasn’t my connection breaking up
It was him

He said I need you now
More than anything
More than anything

Your mind’s an empty warehouse
A facade of broken windows
Where the leaves in the yard grow
Older than the wind blows
And whenever you go there
Kept in the cobwebs
Under the front steps live the fears
You’ve exhausted
You are not the tenant
You are the patient
Swallowing steps just to get
Out of the basement
And how is the view
Is the roof what you’re used to
Being so low with a high that abused you

He said I need you now
More than anything
More than anything
I said my friend you can
Tell me everything
Tell me everything

Now when I drive on the parkway at night
I still swear I can see your ghost
Passing the exit where you used to live
All I wonder is if you’ll ever find home
Oh and I said I need you need now
More than anything

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