Warm Brew – Gravy

Other people’s money
Other people’s wishes
New kicks new threads hitting other people’s switches
Too fresh I’m dead
David Bryne got these woosies talking head
Instead we talkin bread now
I remember everything
Homies hatin talkin down
Women disrespectin me
Givin me the run around
Money turn yo luck around
Women throw they rump around
That make me turn my head around
Now try ta wrap yo head around
Hangin out the moon roof
1 chick two scoops
Presidential candidates I’m smashing on my stylist
Yo how u say u fresh enough
When you ain’t never freshen up
And I suggest you buckle up
That head so good you buckle
You wifing her you messin up and you can’t tell that somethings up
I could never buy it
My whole clique hit like david and Goliath

Ray Wright
Yo police defiant
Smokin n im flyin
Two twomps – thumpin
Like punches in a riot

N im ridin wit da homies cuz its death around tha corner
Ain’t nothin funny getchyo money sunny southern california

It got everything u need and everything want
Then she show her true colors n its everything you don’t

I got the henny n the weed so patna take notes
Jus da playa of da year n I ain’t have to rig a vote look

[Chorus] (Ray)
I mob wit da squad
Dawg wit da squad daily
Dont neva eva eva
Eva eva try n play me
Game too cooooold
We so wavy
If homie talkin boooooold
It’s all gravy


What I do ain’t made for tv
Winnin like I’m tiger cheating
Kinda like a laker 3 peat
Bustin booty
Grabbin cheechy
Im a Mac
I’m bout my cheese
N reelin fishes
Stay in season
You can sail da 7 seas
N never find no one defeat him
Comin from da land
Where da doc n Mac
California kid
Put a chick on backpage
Pull a broad
Off a quad n axe spray
Pull up at her house
Tell her man to valet
Smackin dat booty
Like I’m dikembe
Rubbin dat booty like
There’s a genie
Smokin my forest
Gotcha sayin Jennay
Pupil my eyes bout da size
Of pennays
Lobster Alfredo
On top of penne
Hit a Homerun
Every innin
Don’t want it
Don’t begin it
Lookin at life
Like what’s a limit
Walk in my shoes
Wouldn’t last a minute
Acid to me
Like Popeyes spinach
Pass it to me
Mind sprewell spinnin
Been dis way since a kid
Ain’t kiddin
Servin dis game
Girls smitten
Representin well my town
My city
Any kinda trouble Ima go
Nc dive in it
For a piece of that pie
Took game
Made business

Made business
Hit da liquor store
Xo my livers
A little Molly moll wit a merlot kicker
Just da way it go wit da one way sippers

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