Tink – Commitment

I feel like we’re in a… different time zone
I wanna work this right

[Verse 1]
I was single for a while
So it’s taking me while
To open up my doors
Been feeling so lost
You don’t know the half of it
Can you ride with me, talk with me
Even if you are busy
Really split your heart with me
I’m at my job
And I need you real bad, bad
Pick me up at 6
I’m squeezing you while we kiss, yeah
Squeezing you while we kiss, yeah
I’ve been numb to my feelings
Feelings don’t really last
Sorry if I repeat what them niggas did in my past
Yeah, you roll a blunt
I twist it and hit it once
You rubbin’ me while I’m high
It’s something that you provide
We catch a movie on the couch
And then we turn it off
I know you hard
But you make me feel real soft
And maybe that’s exactly what I need
Someone that can ease
All my anxieties
Look what you bring
Real love, real joy
We hit the floor
Now we making real noise
And I don’t think you know what you mean in my life

[Verse 2]
Stoned as a mountain
Wetter than a fountain
Told him he gone pay for this pussy
Like his accountant
Keep it real
We can chill
I’m concerned with how you feel
Nothing more
Nothing less
Let me lay under your chest
When you with me I’m impressed
Boy you got it
And you’re blessed
Put your body in my legs when we’re cuddle up
You got my heart
And I hope that you don’t fuck it up
I don’t really let my guard down anymore
Last love hit me
And I’m still pretty sore
Don’t overthink it
I’m thinking better with something new
1 in the morning
You moaning while I’m on top of you

[Verse 3]
Knew it was real when I got to meet his mom
He spend the night
And wake up to it, no alarm
We got a chemistry
A real strong bond
He better listen when I wanna clear my mind
You my therapy
Especially when you stare at me
Only nigga fucking me
Hope that you ain’t judging me
Better half
And there’s no amount of cash
That could ever come between us
Fuck who don’t believe in us
You in my dream like Martin Luther King
Kingsize bed
Making love upon the springs
Spring to the fall
Fall to the winter
I’m so in love
And I hope that you consider
Making me your girlfriend
(Making me your girlfriend)
Making me your girlfriend
I’m ready for commitment

Yeah, yo
Spit for hours ’bout the way you make me feel
You call me up
I hear your voice and get the chills
Don’t overthink it
I’m thinking about you every week
1 in the morning
I’m moaning while you on top of me

You’re real
And I like how you show your emotions
Clear as the ocean
No more lies
No more lies

You’re real
And I like how you show your emotions
Clear as the ocean
No more lies
No more lies

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