4Him – Season Of Love lyrics

Outside on a cold and lonely street
A homeless woman sleeps this Christmas
Tonight, theres a child that dreams of home
In an orphanage alone
For all they really need is a helping hand from
You and me
The season of love
I really believe that this would be much better
And people would come together
If we share the reason for the season of love
The spirit of Christmas will change
This world forever
If we all play our part
Just by giving from the heart I know
Christmas will really become
The season of love
Somewhere, underneath a Christmas tree
Is a simple manger scene this Christmas
And there lying on a bed of straw
Is the greatest gift of all
This Christmas lets let the world know
For all they really need is the love of God
To set them free
repeat chorus
Though the holiday passes away
And the lights begin to fade
The spirit of Christmas will remain
repeat chorus

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