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Tyrese is putting the “furious” in Fast and Furious.

The actor isn’t hiding his disappointment that the franchise’s ninth installment has been delayed for a year, and — in an Instagram post — placed blame squarely on Dwayne Johnson.

Tyrese first went after Johnson and his production company partner Hiram Garcia for “making the fast and the furious franchise about YOU.” Ouch.

But he wasn’t done yet. He said “it’s about #TeamDewayne” and then slammed Johnson’s Baywatch flop by writing, “will this be another #BayWatch?” That highly-anticipated film died in theaters and was lambasted by critics.

#PSA Congratulations to @TheRock and your brother in law aka 7 bucks producing partner @hhgarcia41 for making the fast and the furious franchise about YOU – And like you, DJ even if they call I will not be deleting this post – Gn folks see you in 2020 April #FastFamily right? Nah….. it's about #TeamDewayne #3yrs will it be worth the wait? #NoShaw just Hobbs will this be another #BayWatch? Guys guys just relax I'm just a passionate film critic

A post shared by TYRESE (@tyrese) on Oct 4, 2017 at 8:29pm PDT

The post marks the latest in a series of heated comments by Tyrese, who previously begged Johnson not to do a spinoff. He also backed Johnson after the he called some unidentified male co-stars in the film series “candy asses.”

Fast and Furious is now slated to come out in 2020. Let’s just hope it’s got this level of intense drama.

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